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My Lovely Closet Baby Pouch Getting Started

Getting Started

This is how the unfolded pouch looks like.

Start with folding one edge toward the INSIDE to meet the other edge. The whole pouch is now folded in half, lengthwise.

To wear the pouch, make sure the pocket is at the bottom. Put your arm through the loop. The open edges will face away from you. The folded edge will be toward you.

Next, slip the loop over your head.

The baby pouch should now spread like a sash over your shoulder. The open edges will now be facing up, near your neck. The folded edge will be facing down.

Make sure to spread the fabric wide, not bunched, on your shoulder and back so that your baby weight will be evenly distributed. The more you spread the fabric, the less strain you will feel on your shoulder and back.

In all carrying positions, the baby bottom is always sitting on seam, where the fabric is sewn together widthwise to make a curve (the pocket is sewn across the seam).

Cradle Carry (new born to 4 months)

Pick up the baby, cross his legs, and pull the outer edge of the pouch away from you. Gently slide your baby in the pouch by lowering his bottom first.

Ease his legs into the pouch, supporting his head as you do so.

Next, gently tuck his head in. Pull fabric up on his side between your body and baby's body. The baby should be lying securely between the two layers of fabric.

It's normal for your baby to look a little squished, this is a very natural position for a newborn and most babies are very happy like this!

Front Carry (3 to 8 months)

Hold baby, with his legs crossed, high up on your chest.

Open the pouch; lower his bottom first into the pouch.

Check to make sure that baby's bottom and legs are between fabric layers.

Baby's arm can be in or out of pouch.

Hip Carry (6+ months)

Put baby high up on your unslinged shoulder.

Guide baby's feet all the way through the pouch.

Find inside layer of the pouch. Pull INSIDE layer down and under baby's bottom to create a seat.

Pull fabric up on his back for added support and comfort. His knees should be higher than his bottom so that his weight is not on his weight.

Please don't let this these instructions intimidate you. Once you get used to it, wearing your baby will be second nature. And putting your baby in the sling will take seconds!

Safety Precautions

  • Always check your pouch for wear and tear before use.
  • Do not use the pouch with an uncooperative child.
  • Do not take both hands off a squirming, uncooperative child.
  • If baby resists being held in the pouch, gently take baby out of the pouch and try again later. Use common sense when choosing what activities to do while carrying your child.
  • Do not bend over at your waist while your baby is in the pouch, as baby could fall out. Bend at your knees instead, with an arm around your child.
  • Do not leave the pouch wrapped around an unattended baby.
  • Check to ensure that baby's airway is unobstructed and baby is breathing regularly at all times, especially when sleeping in the pouch.

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